»»  Flood Relief and Recovery (Grantmaking Framework and Application Instructions)

The Community Foundation serves a unique leadership role in that it brings people and resources together around important local issues. We are honored to help our region respond to the devastating floods of 2013 by awarding grants to support nonprofit agencies and local governmental entities with their flood relief and recovery efforts.

IMPORTANT: Please click here to review and download the Grantmaking Framework and Application Instructions.  

After reviewing the Grantmaking Framework and Application Instructions, applicants should complete the form below, which requires that they upload all required attachments along with their responses to the following narrative questions. All uploaded documents should be formatted to be printed on letter-size paper (8.5” x 11”). 

Applicants may submit more than one application per funding cycle, or submit applications during more than one funding cycle, for projects that are substantially different in nature. A complete application submission is required for each separate funding request.  

Narrative (up to three typed pages, 12 point font and 1 inch margins):

  • Very briefly summarize your organization’s mission, key programs, and geographic area served.
  • Summarize your proposed program or project (goals, key activities, target population/community, geographic area to be served under this grant, and estimated number to be served if applicable). Describe how the program or project aligns with the funding priorities of the fund to which you are applying.
  • Describe how your organization has identified the unmet need for this program or service in your community. 
  • Describe your organization’s capacity to operate this program or project within the grant timeline. Comment on the length of time your organization has been providing this type of program or project.
  • Describe how your organization is coordinating with other organizations engaged in flood recovery efforts. Describe if/how you are coordinating with 2013 Larimer County Flood Long Term Recovery Group (United Way of Larimer County serves as the fiscal agent for the fund, which is managed by a county-wide collaboration) or any other organization to help reduce duplication and ensure greater effectiveness in program and project implementation.
  • For organizations that will use grant funding to provide direct financial assistance and services to families and individuals, tell us how you will ensure that all recipients are vetted to qualify for assistance under these grant guidelines.


  • Financial information (applicants are encouraged to minimize administrative costs and direct a significant majority of the funding to project activities)
    • A line-item budget for the proposed project or program, including projected revenues and expenses
    • A list of all other pending, potential, or confirmed requests for funding for the project.
    • 2013 organizational budget (revenue and expenses) 
    • Year-to-date financial statements, including a balance sheet and statement of activities
  • Board of Directors list

Questions should be directed to the Community Foundation at info@NoCoFoundation.org or (970) 224-3462. 

To learn about our three flood relief funds or to donate, click here. To see a list of other resources available to individuals impacted by the flood, click here.