Loveland became a part of the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado in 1992.

Loveland Community Fund Committee

The Loveland Community Fund Committee (LCFC) is comprised of volunteer civic leaders who support and promote specific areas of the Foundation's work. The group is responsible for grantmaking from unrestricted funds established in the Loveland community. 


Promote philanthropy as a means for improving the quality of life in Loveland while continuing to focus efforts on leveraging dollars to affect change in Downtown Loveland. The LCFC focuses on downtown with the belief that a strong center can impact the entire Loveland community.  


  • Identify, recognize, and encourage philanthropic activities and education in Loveland
  • Continue to convene community in support and education of downtown revitalization and development
  • Approve grants for strategic or transformational projects focused in downtown (low dollar/high impact)

Contact our staff if you have questions regarding the Loveland Community Fund Committee. 

Loveland Generations

Loveland Generations is a giving group of the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado. A giving group is composed of community-minded people who pool their charitable dollars in a common fund. Members of this group enhance their understanding of philanthropy and their appreciation for the valuable work of local nonprofit agencies. Members are welcome to make their annual donation, observe its impact, and attend annual celebrations without further involvement. However, sharing time and talents on subcommittees that provide leadership to the giving group can make membership even more rewarding. 

Because the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado is a tax-exempt public charity, donations to our giving groups are tax-deductible.

The group has three levels of membership: Silver ($500); Gold ($750); and Diamond ($1,000). Click here to make an online donation to the Loveland Generations Fund. To donate by mail, make your check payable to the Community Foundation and send to 4745 Wheaton Dr., Fort Collins, CO, 80525. Please write “Loveland Generations” in the Memo line.

To learn more about the Loveland Generations Fund, contact committee co-chairs Nita Roy at 970‐214‐7973 or Suzanne Peterson at 970‐669‐0277.

Click here to learn about Destination Downtown Loveland and previous events.

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Loveland Community Fund Committee
FY 2018-2019

Kim Akeley-Charron
LuAnn Ball* 
Beth Bishop
Roger Clark 
Phil Farley
Mary Gullikson*
Leah Johnson
Paul Mueller
Suzanne Peterson
Norm Rehme
Nick Roe (Chair)
Earl Sethre* 
Randy Starr
Bob Torson 

*Honorary Member

Loveland Generations
FY 2018-2019

Suzanne Peterson (co-chair)
Nita Roy (co-chair)
Jim Whitenight (Chair, Grantmaking Committee)