Morgan County COVID-19 Response Fund

Accepting donations to support local nonprofits

The Eastern Colorado Community Fund (ECCF),  the United Way of Morgan County, and the Bank of Colorado are partnering to establish the Morgan County COVID-19 Response Fund. As with other disaster response initiatives, the objective is to provide leadership and collaborative funding to support those who face the greatest need.

The coronavirus has stunned the world and is taking its toll on every individual and organization, including our community’s nonprofits. To help respond to this unprecedented challenge, this effort will provide funding to local nonprofit organizations that work with people disproportionately affected by the consequences of COVID-19. Initially, these recipients include human service organizations that address food insecurity, especially for youth and older adults.

The Fund began with a $10,000 gift from a friend of the ECCF (an anonymous Morgan County donor), followed by $5,000 from The United Way of Morgan County, and another $5,000 from The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado. These organizations are eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions from private foundations, corporate partners, and individual donors. As a corporate sponsor, the Bank of Colorado branches in Morgan County contributed $15,000 to be used as matching funds.

The ECCF and United Way of Morgan County will administer grants from the COVID-19 Fund with the assistance of community volunteers who will sit on the grant selection committee. Grants will be distributed to nonprofit organizations throughout Morgan County through the course of the crisis. The goal is to move resources quickly and adapt to evolving needs. The Foundation will not charge an administrative fee for this fund.    

May 18, 2020:
Announcing the first round of grants

Baby Bear Hugs – $2,688
To meet the immediate needs of eligible families and caregivers, prenatally and with children 0-3, through ongoing visits to provide parenting education with a focus on mental health support.

Center for Healing and Trauma and Attachment, Inc. – $6,720
To provide mental health counseling and adjunct services to individuals in Morgan County affected by the pandemic.

Morgan Community College Foundation – $2,500
To provide financial assistance for basic needs, such as food and housing, that may prevent students from being able to continue their education.

Morgan County Family Center – $10,000
To provide rental and utility payment assistance to those in most need.

Rising Up – $5,000
To assist with the provision of groceries to needy families and to supply personal protection equipment for the staff.

How you can help

The best way to give is to donate online:

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Checks may be made payable to Community Foundation of Northern Colorado, with "Morgan County COVID19 Response Fund" in the memo line and mailed to the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado, 4745 Wheaton Dr., Fort Collins, CO 80525.

If you have a Donor Advised fund with the Foundation, you can easily contribute to this effort through your fund. When recommending a grant through the donor portal, click on Recommend Transfer and then select Morgan County COVID-19 Response Fund as the recipient fund. For assistance, please contact Donor Services at

The Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity so gifts to any of our funds provide donors with the maximum tax deductions allowed by law.  


To support the response to the unprecedented challenge, this effort will provide funding to local nonprofit organizations that work with people disproportionately affected by the consequences of COVID-19. Applicants may submit more than one application for projects that are substantially different in nature. A complete application submission is required for each separate funding request.  

How to apply:

1. IMPORTANT: Please review the Grantmaking Framework (available here) and Application Instructions in their entirety before submitting the application form.  

2. Eligible applicants should complete the form below, which requires that they upload all required attachments along with their responses to the following narrative questions. All uploaded documents should be formatted to be printed on letter-size paper (8.5” x 11”). 


(up to two typed pages, 12-point font and 1-inch margins):

  • Very briefly summarize your organization’s mission and geographic area served. 
  • Summarize the specific program or project for which you plan to use the grant funding (program/project description, key activities, target population/community, geographic area to be served under this grant, and estimated number to be served if applicable).
  • Describe how grant funding will meet immediate needs that have resulted from the COVID-19 coronavirus. Be sure to detail how your program will expand, pivot, or stretch to meet a new need that is directly related to COVID-19 coronavirus, and provide brief examples from your program line item budget about how grant funds will be used.
  • Describe your organization’s capacity to meet needs that have arisen and accomplish the proposed activities. Comment on the length of time your organization has been providing this type of program or project and include the name(s) of longstanding funders and collaborators.
  • Is your organization coordinating with other organizations to help reduce duplication and ensure greater effectiveness in program and project implementation.


Please upload (in PDF format) your Narrative responses, financials, and Board of Directors. The file name should include the name of your organization. Example: "ABC Agency narrative".

  • Narrative, described above
  • Financial information (applicants are encouraged to minimize administrative costs and direct a significant majority of the funding to project activities)

    • A line-item budget for the proposed project or program, including projected income and expenses. (If your project is submitted without a line-item budget for the proposed project or program it will not be reviewed.)
    • A list of all other pending, potential, or confirmed requests for funding for the project.

    • 2019-2020 organizational budget (revenue and expenses) 

    • Year-to-date financial statements, including a balance sheet and statement of activities

Your project/program budget, 2019-2020 organizational budget, and year-to-date financial statements should be submitted as one PDF file

  • Board of Directors list

click here to apply

Questions should be directed to the Community Foundation at or (970) 580-1013. 


If a final report is required, the grant award letter sent to your organization with the check will provide details regarding timing and submission. All reports should be submitted electronically using the online Report Form.

Morgan County
COVID-19 Response Fund

Help support local Morgan County nonprofit organizations that work with populations disproportionately affected by the consequences of COVID-19 coronavirus.

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Morgan County COVID-19 Response Fund announces first round of grants, May 18, 2020

Eastern Colorado Community Fund, the United Way of Morgan County, and the Bank of Colorado introduce the Morgan County COVID-19 Response Fund, April 28, 2020


“This initiative reflects the service the Eastern Colorado Community Fund provides. Being a component fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado, we have the infrastructure, relationships and experience to convene community resources and respond rapidly when action is needed in Eastern Colorado.” - John Chapdelaine, ECCF director


“We are excited for this fund to be both flexible and meaningful to our community with the ability to respond to the greatest needs as they reveal themselves. We truly appreciate the partnership with the Eastern Colorado Community Fund and look forward to giving our community members an opportunity to both give and receive help.” - Chaundra Jacobs, United Way of Morgan County executive director


"Morgan County has been hit hard by COVID-19 reporting the highest cases in Eastern Colorado.  Bank of Colorado is proud to partner with the United Way of Morgan County and the Eastern Colorado Community Fund to give back to help our neighbors through the Morgan County COVID-19 Response Fund." - Cameron Armagost, Branch President Bank of Colorado

Thank you to our donors!
(as of 05/20/20)

Bank of Colorado
John and Cindy Chapdelaine
Community Foundation of Northern Colorado
Ingmire-Phillips Insurance
Harold and Dianna Pfeifer
The Tibbetts Family in honor of Marti McGraw
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