June 2017 Enewsletter

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 Competitive Grant Cycle Opens July 1 

Berthoud CFC Grant Reception

The Community Foundation supports local nonprofits through its annual competitive grant cycle, which invites charitable organizations serving the residents of Berthoud, the Estes Valley, and Loveland to submit a grant application for consideration by one of our grantmaking committees

The application form will be available on our website by July 1.  The application deadline is Friday, July 21. Grant awards are usually made by early November.

Watch our “Apply for a Grant” page for more information and contact our team at DonorServices@NoCoFoundation.org or (970) 488-1978 with any questions.

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 Nonprofits: Win $1,000 for Completting Colorado Gives Profile 

In 2016, Colorado Gives Day generated almost $1.5 million in generous support to nonprofits doing incredible work here in northern Colorado.

Now is the time for nonprofits to create or update their Colorado Gives profiles. To be entered into a drawing for an Early Bird Prize, nonprofits must successfully submit a new profile or complete the profile update process by 11:59 p.m. on one of the following dates:

  • June 30, 2017 to be entered to win $1,000
  • July 31, 2017 to be entered to win $500

We encourage you to take advantage of this exciting opportunity by updating or submitting your nonprofit’s profile. Please contact the Community First Foundation at cogives@communityfirstfoundation.org with any questions.

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 Loveland Generation's Spring Event 

loveland generations spring 2017

Community members attended the highly anticipated Loveland Generations event at the Rialto Theater Center on May 25 to learn about the impact of philanthropic work in their community. Loveland Generations is a membership giving group, and the event was a wonderful evening of welcoming new donors, hearing powerful stories from last year’s grant recipients, and reconnecting with old friends.

Loveland Generations, a committee-advised fund of the Community Foundation, will be accepting grant requests in conjunction with the competitive grant cycle from July 1 through July 21 and will award grants to local nonprofits at its annual Fall event.

To join Loveland Generations and learn about the ways this fund supports nonprofits serving Loveland residents,  please contact Nita Roy at nita.roy@sbcglobal.net or Suzanne Peterson at Suzanne@petersonenergyoperating.com.

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 Estes Park Museum Receives Matching Grant for Endowment 

The Estes Park Museum Friends & Foundation created an endowment at the Community Foundation in 2011, and through a matching challenge issued by our Estes Valley Community Fund Committee, its endowment fund has grown by $15,000. 

EPMF&F Board President Nancy Thomas said, “Our relationship with the Foundation allows us to grow a permanent source of funding to secure the future of our organizations.”

The Estes committee issued the challenge one year ago. Chair Chuck Levine said, “The Committee was thrilled to learn that EPMF&F met the challenge and has made growing its endowment a priority.”

Click here to learn about establishing a nonprofit endowment fund, and contact Ella Fahrlanderhttp://www.nocofoundation.org/staff with any questions.

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 CSU Students Help Nonprofit Organizations Increase Social Media Engagement 

csu students helping hearts and horses

Last month’s enewsletter highlighted CSU marketing students who helped local nonprofits develop their social media strategies and presence. The collaboration was led by Frances Leary, owner of Wired Flare.

Emmy Soyka, volunteer manager for Hearts and Horses, shared her experience working with the CSU students. “We had considered hiring a marketing professional to help us create a social media plan. Instead, our social media reach and engagement has increased dramatically as a result of the suggestions made by the CSU student marketing team. 

This collaboration between CSU students and local nonprofits is just one example of the ways the Foundation connects needs with resources throughout our region.

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 Celebrating Gratitude: A Memorial Day Success 

celebrating gratitude Coloradoan article

 The Celebrating Gratitude Committee of Northern Colorado thanks the many community members who helped generate 2,500 letters of gratitude to veterans in the month leading up to Memorial Day. The letters were distributed to veterans at The Veterans Plaza, May 25-29, 2017, during events designed to honor Vietnam War era veterans.

Letters were written by people of all ages, from K-12 students to adults. They were heartfelt and well written, and distributed direcly to Veterans. Many times the committee would pair a letter from a child -- complete with crayon drawings of soldiers and American flags -- with a letter from an adult.

Committee members would say, “These letters are from the community,” and veterans received them with sincere appreciation. Many mentioned that they had seen the good news about Celebrating Gratitude on the front page of the May 26 issue of The Coloradoan. They said, “This is good – that they are involving students in schools.” The article highlighted a 13-year-old girl who collected over 350 letters.

Half of the letters collected came from three schools and one church. The remainder were generated from other sources. Based on this positive participation from the community, the committee believes it could multiply the impact every Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

For more information on Celebrating Gratitude, visit: http://www.celebratinggratitude.org/

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Community Foundation Announces Doug Hutchinson as New Board Chair

Doug HutchinsonWe are excited to welcome Doug Hutchinson as Chair of the Community Foundation Board of Trustees. Serving as a Trustee since 2012, Doug is a longtime friend and supporter of the Foundation. "The Community Foundation is a core institution for our region," said Hutchinson. "I'm excited to bring my experience and knowledge of the community to sustain our impact into the future."


Doug brings long-term perspectives on our region as a CSU graduate who grew up in Fort Collins. He also possesses great leadership experience, gained over 23 years as an Air Force intelligence officer and then 10 years as a civil servant in the Defense Intelligence Agency. More recently, Doug served as Mayor of the City of Fort Collins from 2005-2011. 


We thank our outgoing Chair, Earl Sethre, for his contributions to the Foundation and welcome Rhys Christensen and Suzanne Peterson to the Executive Committee (pictured left to right).

  Earl SethreRhys ChristensenSuzanne Peterson

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 A Foundation Celebration: 

Trustees and Board chairs — past and present — gathered recently to reflect on the Foundation’s leadership, impact, and growth during the past 15 years. Pictured, left to right, are some of the forward-thinking leaders and generous donors who made this possible: Chris Otto, Bruce Hach, current President Ray Caraway, Steve Stoltz, current Board chair Doug Hutchinson, Connie Dohn, Earl Sethre, and Dave Edwards.

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Community Leader Celebrates Three Extraordinary Milestones

Cathy SchottCathy Schott exemplifies what it means to be engaged in our community. She is a generous, passionate leader who approaches every endeavor with a high level of commitment, reflected in her service on boards for numerous nonprofits, including Respite Care, United Way of Larimer County, and the Community Foundation. 


Richard and Cathy Schott, 2013

This year, Cathy celebrated three amazing 50th anniversaries – her high school graduation, her marriage, and her employment with First National Bank. Yes, 50 years ago Cathy graduated from Fort Collins High School, married her husband, Richard, and started her career with First National Bank. Cathy, a wealth advisor, is First National’s longest-tenured employee. She and Richard are also the long-time owners of Aggie Liquors, a business which has been a fixture on Canyon Avenue in Fort Collins for decades.


Cathy, thank you for your commitment to our community. You are an inspiration to all of us!

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Profile Deadline: AUGUST 31

In 2016, Colorado Gives Day generated almost $1.5 million in contributions for Northern Colorado nonprofit organizations. Time is running out to finalize or update your Colorado Gives Profile to participate in 2017. The deadline to submit a new profile for review, or to complete the profile update process, is 5 p.m. Thursday, August 31, 2017. Please contact the Community First Foundation at cogives@communityfirstfoundation.org with any questions.

2017 Promotions: KRFC

Community radio station KRFC is once again partnering with Larimer County nonprofit organizations participating in Colorado Gives Day. The station is inviting nonprofits into the studio to record a promotion that will air as Colorado Gives Day approaches. KRFC is currently planning their recording schedule for September, and an online sign-up form will be available by the end of August.

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Leadership Development and Training

Crafted Leadership is a leadership development and training consultancy. With the aim of training great leaders, it focuses on practical, cross-functional leadership competencies that generate trust, authenticity, creativity, and play – behaviors and skills that are known to improve employee engagement, retention, and team cohesion.

The organization offers the Leadership Hot Spot training series to build leadership capacity within Northern Colorado through access to experts, skills, and experiential learning opportunities at an affordable price point.

The first session is free; each regular session is $20-$25. Crafted Leadership also offers a “three-people-for-the-price-of-two” package to organizations that wish to send three employees for professional development.

Topics include Giving and Receiving Feedback; Emotional Literacy; Conflict Resolution; Generating Curiosity and Play; and Embracing Differences. 

Give a Charitable Gift and Retain an Income Stream 

Donors may not be aware that they can leave a charitable legacy that provides an income stream during their lifetime. The two most common types of charitable income tools are a charitable gift annuity and a charitable remainder trust. The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado offers these planned giving options, and many others, to help you accomplish your charitable goals.

A charitable gift annuity (CGA) is a contract between you and a charity, whereby you make an irrevocable gift to the charity in exchange for a partial tax deduction and a lifetime stream of annual income from the charity. Gifts can be made in the form of cash, appreciated stocks, real estate, and other assets. You receive an immediate tax deduction for the charitable portion of your gift, and you receive a stream of income that is fixed, regardless of market conditions. Upon your death, the Community Foundation fund you named as a beneficiary will begin to support the organizations or causes of your choice.

A charitable remainder trust (CRT) is a similar tool that allows for greater customization through the creation of a trust. The primary difference between a CGA and a CRT is that, while gift annuities pay a guaranteed fixed sum each year, charitable remainder trusts can provide a higher payout to the donor and, based on market conditions, can grow substantially over time to keep up with inflation.

Perhaps the most appealing quality of CGAs and CRTs is that both allow you to avoid capital gains taxes. By donating an appreciated asset (stock, real estate, mineral interests, water rights, and more) you can bypass capital gains taxes and receive a lifetime income stream from the entire value of the asset. By contrast, if you were to sell the asset yourself, pay the capital gains tax, and reinvest the remaining proceeds, you would be reinvesting an amount that is substantially smaller than the value of the appreciated asset. 

Charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts can be intimidating, but with assistance from the Community Foundation, these vehicles can be the perfect tools for achieving your charitable goals while retaining income and security for you and your family.

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