Legacy Society

Our Legacy Society recognizes all those who have extended their charitable giving beyond their lifetime in some manner. It includes all donors who have established an endowment fund during their lifetime, advised our staff that the Community Foundation is in their estate plans, or made a gift from their estate into an endowed fund. These gifts will benefit Northern Colorado and the Eastern Plains communities far into the future.

Interested in becoming a part of this list of strategic donors? The Community Foundation would be honored to help you put a plan in place to leave a legacy that will shape the future of the region.

Eric and Lisa Adsit
*Danny H. Alberts
Dorothy and *Ted Almquist
*Mildred G. Arnold
*Wayne Ballah
John Beach
*Harry and *Mabel Boland
Kevin G. and Carol A. Borchert
Brian and Flora Brewington 
Bill and Ruth Brown
Bill and Paula Browning 
Pete and Judy Bullard
Rhys and Judy Christensen
*Robert and *Esther Clark
*Glenna Cribari
*Laura Crone
Bob Croteau and Karen Nold
Randy and Becky Davis
Mike and Janene Dellenbach
Joseph D. Dreyfuss II
Jim and Kim Durand
Dave and Paula Edwards
Carole Egger
Hap and Sue Enander
Bob and Joyce Everitt
Gary Faris
Fentress-Brown Foundation
*R. B. "Doc" and *Helen Fickel
R. Bruce Fickel and Karen Christensen
Gene and Marylynn Fischer
Brad and Lisa Florin
Elmo and Linny Frickman

Chris Fulkerson
Marilyn Garretson
Mark Goldrich and Prudence M. Kaley
*Charmayne Gooch
David and Mary Gullikson
The Gunn Family
Steve Hagberg
Family and Friends of *Dorothy Dee Hamilton
Cindy Haraway
Mims Harris

Arnold and Lois Hart
Jack and Shirley Haselbush
Marty and Tess Heffernan
Allen B. and Judy M. Herder
Gerald and Bonita Hinkle
Gary and Carol Ann Hixon
Theresa Hoffmann
*John Holmboe and *Evelyn Helmberger Holmboe
John and Carolyn Huisjen
James and Linda Hunter
Ken and Nancy John
Karen Johnese
*Frank Johnson, Sr. and *Caroline Johnson
Robert and Ginnie Johnson
Donald and Jan Jorgensen
Larry and Pat Kendall
Paul and Diane Knight
Mark and Patricia Korb
Sally Korshak
*Dick and *Pauline Kreutzer
*Lois L. Kroh
Vicki La Lone
*Judy Lamy
Frank and Cynthia Leibrock
*Editha Todd Leonard

Sandy Lindquist
Harry and Jody Love
Gene and *Pat Markley
Lynn and Lois Matson
*Wanda Mayberry
Vicky McLane
Jolanta Menert
Marti and *Hermann Meyer
Madelyn Mihm
Ross Milliken
Gene Mitchell Barbara A. and *Carroll E. Mock             Randy and Nancy Morgan *Paul Murphy
*Ida J. Murphy and *Russel O. Allen
Douglas and Molly Murray
Paul and Donna Newendorp
*Jack and *Elsie Nicol
*Ardeth Nieman
Doug and Wynne Odell
Donald K. Park II
*Virlon G. and *Edna K. Parker
Rodney and Sharon Parks
Andy and Suzanne Peterson
David and Jeannine Pike
*Stewart Price
Gary Propp
Joanna Rago
Jack and June Richardson
John Roberts
Rick Robertson and Ginny De Herdt

James and Walta Ruff
Wes and Trudy Sargent
Doug and Jill Schatz
Richard and Marlene Schilling
Amy Schmidt
Jennifer Schrader
Steve and Susie Schrader
Wayne and Phyllis Schrader
Howard and Kathryn Schwartz
Earl and Lisbeth Sethre
Brad and Nadine Sheafor
*Leland and *Dorothy Smith
Gordon Smith and Chris Hays
MaryLou Smith
Dave and Mary Stewart
Steve and Susan Stoltz
Scot Sullivan
Tom and Jean Sutherland
*Robert Templeton
Anita Timmons
Steve and Karen Tool
Jane Van Horn
Lorraine Wagner
Gary and Sharlynn Wamsley
Willliam and Diane Warren
Robert and Donna Webb
*Wilson and *Emily Wilmarth
Larry Winger
Robert and Paula Woodward
*Mary J.B. Work
Douglas Yeager
Robert L. and *Pamela J. Zimdahl
*Joseph J. and *Alice A. Zink


To learn more about planned giving, contact Ray Caraway at (970) 488-1980.