Nonprofit Loan Fund Program

Program Overview

The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado established its nonprofit loan fund program in 2017 to provide loan financing for nonprofit organizations that are located in, and serving the residents of, Northern Colorado and the Eastern Plains of Colorado. Loan funding is intended primarily to assist the nonprofit with timing issues surrounding pledge receivables, payment of an approved government or foundation contract, or some other verifiable form of repayment.

The Role of Donor Advised Funds

Representatives of Donor Advised funds are invited to participate in this innovative program, which provides a vehicle to achieve greater community impact and gives nonprofit organizations access to low-cost capital. To read an overview of the nonprofit loan fund program, click here.

When fund representatives ask our team to process a traditional grant from a Donor Advised fund, the dollars are distributed to a nonprofit and have a one-time impact — there is no tangible, financial return for the investment they are making in the nonprofit community. However, when fund representatives make a grant to one of our nonprofit loan funds, that grant amount is returned to the Donor Advised fund with interest— a return of more than 100% on the investment. This means that the fund representatives are able to grant that same amount out of their fund again. 

Donor Advised funds with $25,000 or more available for distribution may invest in our nonprofit loan fund. If you are interested in growing your Donor Advised fund to that level, investing in the program, or learning more about this creative approach to serving our nonprofit community, please contact Ella Fahrlander at 970-488-1979 or You may also download the grant recommendation form to participate in the program.



Our first nonprofit loan fund will allow local nonprofit No Barriers USA to build a field campus in Red Feather Lakes to host youth summer camps, expeditions for veterans, and retreats for a variety of the constituents the organization serves. Click here to learn more about this specific loan fund opportunity.